Monday, November 18, 2019

Operation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Operation Management - Essay Example The utilization of capacity management ideology in running a restaurant enables managers to make accurate decisions regarding staffing and procedures to enhance profit gaining and improve the guest experience in the restaurant or hotel. The paper aims to espouse on the overall concept of operation management and describes the operational management activities utilized to realize success, in terms of capacity management in hospitality in this particular hotel. The paper extensively tackles the general aspect of the operation management in conjunction with the tactics and application requirements needed in the establishment of an affiliation on the grounds of adept hospitality and capacity management. Operation Management Operation Management is a tremendously important facet in the business world today (Greasley 2008). All organizations in the world, regardless of their types produce an assortment of products and services. All corporations depend on operation management, as it is an i mportant asset in improving the efficacy of the affiliation and delivery of quality customer service. An influential business skill determines business changes like in customer preferences, internet technology-based supply networks and details of work. In order for all the other branches of a company to work hand in hand, operation managers should unite and toil together. A more accurate definition of operation management perhaps is that, it is part of businesses and companies, which deals with organizing and controlling the company’s assets to guarantee victorious delivery of the products and services. ... In this case study, we look into the strategies and tactics used to manage capacity in a hospitality operation of Hotel du Vin Birmingham UK. The main purpose of operations management is to alter the inputs of a corporation into the services or products that are saleable. Inputs are such things as employees or workforce of the company, the amenities and practices, including the information, technology and materials. At a manufacturing plant, the conversion process is the process of physically converting unprocessed materials into ready to use merchandise, for instance, changing skin and rubber into sneakers, or plastic into toys. With airlines, the procedure is utterly different. It is, in this case, the successful relocation of people from a certain position to another. At a hotel, it is the housekeeping and offering of specialized service in rooms, with new linen, excellent cuisine and the output is happy customers who then pay up (Bettley, Mayle and Tantoush 2005). At a hospital, the efforts and outputs are also different. The input could be doctors getting organized, medical attention, and offering of drugs to convert the patients into strong individuals. Hotels select a dissimilar approach in their pursuit for affluence. They use a control tool known as, yield management (Karlsson 2008). Organizations majorly employ this technique to effectively exploit the utilization of the accessible capacity and seek monetary affluence. Yield management is not a new conception. Other corporations like airlines employed this notion before its implementation by hotels (Wild 2002). Most hotels carry out different forms of yield management, for instance, they could

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