Monday, November 25, 2019

Angelas Ashes Manhood essays

Angela's Ashes Manhood essays In the memoir, Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt, there are many different ways that he learns how to be a man. Many people in his life influenced him how to be a man, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Some of the ways that they influenced him was good, and others werent so good but it helped shape him into the man he is today. With his loving mom and dad, his Catholic religion, and his friends, he stepped into manhood with dignity and grace. When Frank was growing up, he saw his parents struggle with poverty. Malachy was an alcoholic and Frank saw him drinking away all their survival money. He watched with his innocent eyes of a child when his mom was begged for food, money, and clothing because they were so poor. His mother always wanted him to succeed and put him first before herself because she loved him so much. An example is when he gets the door slammed in his face by the church and she tells him you are never to let anybody slam the door in your face again, do you hear me?(McCourt, pg 290) Angela wanted her son to have the best of the best even though it was more then she could give him so she let him go to America. It must have hurt her greatly watching her eldest son leave her but she knew it was for the best because he would have had a better future there then if he had stayed in Ireland. The Catholic Church influenced Frank because his parents were both very religious and being a Catholic, he had very strict rules to follow or hell end up in hell. When he did something bad, he had to go to Confession and he didnt really like going. It prevented him from doing a lot of sinful actions that he would have done if he didnt know that he would burn in hell whenever he did something bad. Im worn out from being the worst sinner in Limerick. I want to get rid of this sin and have rashers and eggs and no guilt, no torment . . . The priests tell us all the time that Go...

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